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98-388 Premium VCE File

Microsoft 98-388 Premium File

42 Questions & Answers

Last Update: Nov 13, 2021


98-388 Bundle gives you unlimited access to "98-388" files. However, this does not replace the need for a .vce exam simulator. To download VCE exam simulator click here
98-388 Premium VCE File
Microsoft 98-388 Premium File

42 Questions & Answers

Last Update: Nov 13, 2021


98-388 Bundle gives you unlimited access to "98-388" files. However, this does not replace the need for a .vce exam simulator. To download your .vce exam simulator click here

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98-388 Exam Facts

The Microsoft 98-388 exam is meant to evaluate the skills of the specialists in programming using Java. It checks the applicants’ comprehension of Java fundamentals. Besides that, this test measures the expertise of the professionals in working with data types, expressions, and variables. Furthermore, it covers performing object-oriented programming and implementing flow control. Additionally, it gives attention to compiling and debugging code. The 98-388 exam leads to the related certification, MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Java.


The intended audience for the Microsoft 98-388 exam may include the application developers who are working with Java 6 SE (or later), intermediate and post-secondary students of software development, as well as beginner-level software developers. The applicants need to possess a minimum of 150 hours of instruction or practical experience with Java. Moreover, the individuals should be conversant with its features and capabilities as well as have the skills in writing, debugging, and maintaining Java code.

Exam Overview

The exam has a total duration of 45 minutes and consists of about 40 to 60 questions. The specialists may take the 98-388: Introduction to Programming Using Java test in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and German. The regular exam fee is $127. The test contains several domains, such as:

Java Fundamentals: The first part checks the expertise of the professionals in:

  • Using main within Java applications: It covers signature of main and why it is static as well as how to use Instance of your class.
  • Carrying out main input and output utilizing standard packages: It is centered on printing statements and importing and utilizing the Scanner class.
  • Evaluating the scope of variables: It gives attention to declaring variables in methods, blocks, and classes.

Working with Data Types, Variables, and Expressions: This subject area is about:

  • Declaring and using the variables of the primitive data type: It takes a look at data types (these include char, byte, double, int, short, long, boolean, and float) and initialization as well as identifying when precision is lost and how primitives differ from the wrapper object types.
  • Creating and evaluating code, which manipulates the strings: It includes string literals and string class, concatenation, comparisons, case and length, String.format methods, string operators, strings immutable nature, null, initialization, and converting primitive data types to strings.
  • Creating and evaluating code that manipulates, creates, and iterates arrays as well as array lists: It revolves around one-dimensional arrays as well as two-dimensional arrays (these include size, null, initialization, iterating elements, and accessing elements) and array lists (these include adding/removing elements).
  • Creating and evaluating code, which carries out casting, parsing, and conversion: It concentrates on implementing code, which converts the primitive types to the equivalent object types, casts between primitive data types, and parses the strings to numbers.
  • Creating and evaluating arithmetic expressions: It covers assignment, arithmetic operators, and operator precedence.

Implementing Flow Control: Within this module, the learners need to show their competence in:

  • Creating and evaluating code, which uses the branching statements: It is built around switch, if, else if, else, nesting, relational and logical operators, and single-line versus block.
  • Creating and evaluating code, which utilizes loops: It talks about while, do while, nesting, for each, for, and break and continue as well as unary, logical, and relational operators.

Carrying Out Object-Oriented Programming: This topic assesses the skills of the test takers in:

  • Creating and evaluating class definitions: It gives attention to constructors, constructor overloading, and this keyword as well as overriding and inheritance at the basic level.
  • Declaring, implementing, and accessing data members within the class: It focuses on private, public, protected, static data members, instance data members, and utilizing static final for creating constants.
  • Declaring, implementing, and accessing methods: It includes private, public, protected, method parameters, return type, void, return value, overloading, static methods, and instance methods.
  • Instantiating and using the class object in the program: It takes a look at instantiation, initialization, null, importing packages and classes, accessing and changing the data members, accessing methods, and accessing and changing the static members.

Compiling and Debugging Code: The last section measures the proficiency of the applicants in:

  • Troubleshooting runtime errors, syntax errors, and logic errors: It talks about print statement debugging, output from the javac command, evaluating a stack trace, console exceptions after running the program, and analyzing code for logic errors.
  • Implementing exception handling: It is centered on exception class, exception class types, and displaying the exception information.

Preparation Options

Those students who plan to sit for this certification test may think about thorough preparation. There are no official study tools proposed by Microsoft. On the other hand, you can check the resources available on the 3rd-party IT training platforms. For instance, you can explore video tutorials, articles, exam dumps, and practice tests. At the same time, you can consider various books that concentrate on the domain of Java. All in all, explore different tools to find the option that will suit your learning style and goals. It should be noted that you need to be pretty careful when choosing the materials from other websites. Sometimes, their quality can be debatable. Therefore, make sure that you only use the resources from the reliable sites.

Career Opportunities

Those individuals who achieve the passing score in the Microsoft 98-388 exam will get the related certificate, MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Java. This certification validates their basic skills in programming utilizing Java. These skills can be useful for different positions, for example, a Programmer Analyst, a Java Developer, an Application Developer, and a Software Developer. At the same time, these may be a Computer Programmer, a Java Software Developer, a Software Engineer, an Android Software Developer, and a Web Developer, among others. As per the PayScale website, the mean annual salary for the Java Developers is $75,000, while the Software Engineers can earn about $86,000, and the Web Developers can count on $65,000. However, there are many factors that can affect the actual salary. For instance, these can be your country of living, your place of working, as well as your experience and competence.

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